My wife and I strongly support Lenny. And although this is the first time he is running for an elected office, we believe that Lenny is the most qualified candidate for Mayor because of all his experiences.
— Eddie Sarita, Lihue, Kauai
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I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law. He really cares for us old people and always makes sure I’m okay.
— Marge Zaima, Lihue, Kauai
Lenny’s strong points include team building and team leadership abilities. Building partnerships is an integral part of his success in government services, spanning 30 years. He has also served as acting mayor and has represented the mayor on numerous occasions.
— Steve Hiranaka, Lawai, Hawaii
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Not often we meet people willing to put the hard work into our kids who have daily struggles to be their best, to support them and push them to work harder and continue to persevere through the difficulties and challenges life throw at them. Lenny, thank you for your time and patience.
— Bobbie Kawakami, Lihue, Hawaii
I support Lenny for two reasons that come to mind. First, Lenny is an honest man and second, he stands firm for his beliefs. Also Lenny is a man who knows what he is talking about and he knows Kauai. Lenny is a man that anyone can talk to and he will talk to you anytime, anyplace, one on one. Also he does not put himself above anyone. We need Mr. Lenny Rapozo in the Mayor’s seat for the island of Kauai.”
— Norman Gonsalves, Kapaa, Hawaii
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I am happy to support Lenny Rapozo for Mayor for the County of Kauai because he will bring a fresh, new approach and perspective of performance for our island.
— Bev Muraoka, Wailua, Hawaii
Uncle Lenny has supported me from Punana Leo to now, at Kawaikini NCPCS. Each year he provides his portable refrigerator for our La Ho’ike’ike event where each grade level makes a Hawaiian dish to share school wide. He is not only supporting my Hawaiian immersion education, but every haumana in my school. Mahalo Uncle Lenny!
— Miulana Asai, Kawaikini Student, Papa 'Ewalu
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Lenny is the only candidate that has management experience. He has run a very large department that provides a vital service to the community. He is a man of great heart and experience. I’m voting for him as mayor with great enthusiasm.
— Cathy Adams, Lihue, Hawaii
I first met Lenny in the 80’s. He was the Director of Intake Services with the State of Hawaii. He later became the Director of Parks and Recreation. People have asked me, why are you supporting Lenny when he has no experience in government. Our government consists of the Legislative Branch (law makers or County Council). Then you have the Administration, which is the Mayor and his cabinet. They both work in harmony to run the day to day operations of the County of Kauai. Those who question Lenny’s experience in government, he has 30 plus years in the administration side of government. Lenny has tremendous leadership skills which is needed to become the CEO of the County of Kaua’i as our next Mayor. I ask for your support for Lenny Rapozo so he can make Kaua’i a better place to live.
— Roy Morita, Lihue, Hawaii
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Mr. Rapozo has the experience, values, demeanor and leadership abilities to be our next mayor. I’ve known him for many years, and have been especially impressed with his ability to get things done. Mr. Rapozo also is a straight-shooter, so what you see is what you get. I humbly ask you to join me in supporting Mr. Rapozo in his pursuit to become Kauai’s next leader. Bottom line — he’s the best person for this crucial job on the Garden Isle!
— Duane Shimogawa, O'ahu (formerly Kalaheo, Hawaii)
I first met Lenny from one of my most dearest friend and hanai Ohana.
Our first countenance was exemplary of a truly Hawaiian welcome and experience, shaking of hands, a big hug then followed by the famous local saying, “go eat”. It was a very welcoming and heartfelt meeting and encounter filled with the aloha spirit.

I believe wholeheartedly that Lenny is more than capable and qualified to be our next mayor of Kauai. His extensive knowledge of community and how to operate and function within the county/state/national levels is an asset to better us all. His ability and knowing the P&P’s(policy’s and procedures) as well as his many years of community service validates his passion to lead and make Kauai a better place. His reputation exudes and demonstrates his compassion and accountability. He is creative and in his capacity while as a probation officer, lends great expertise in exhibiting a firm hand and the ability to give direction through “tough love”.
There is no question in my mind that Lenny is more than qualified to be our next mayor of Kauai. His vision for a better Kauai through partnerships is cutting edge, and is the perfect means to build and strengthen new relationships and our community. His devotion to his Ohana is also an other skill set he can bring to the table.
Our community deserves reciprocation, and a strong leader who is compassionate and honest, who also is transparent and true to the cause. Lenny is innovative and not afraid to “recreate the wheel”, all for the intent to better Kauai and her people. We have all bore witness and seen how our community has been governed by others, and is time for a fresh new approach and start, it is time for us to give my friend Lenny Rapozo the opportunity and chance to govern and bring Kauai to her fullest potential, it’s time to vote for Lenny Rapozo.
— Lopaka Nakaahiki-Bukoski, Lihue, Hawaii
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Lenny had helped coach a baseball team Dylan was on a few years back, and Erin and I really liked the rapport he had with Dylan. Because of my call to Lenny, he took on coaching a second Lakers team. On top of his already busy schedule, he decided to coach Dylan and some other kids. He coaches these kids basketball, but he teaches them so much more. He pushes them to support and love their community, he reminds them to represent their families and team with integrity and pride on and off the court, and he encourages them to work hard and persevere through challenges. Dylan has faced so many struggles socially, but he is so proud to be a Lihu’e Laker, and he truly values the lessons he learns from Lenny and Coach Kaleo. Lenny yells and Dylan has definitely had his share of running laps, but the “tough” love that his coach has for all of the boys is reassuring and constant, and it has and continues to help Dylan grow. Our family is forever appreciative for Lenny’s role in Dylan’s life. He truly loves Kaua’i and it’s people, and he will always do whatever he can to nurture that.
— Pua Cobb-Adams, Anahloa, Hawaii